Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Video Specs: the perspective of an intern

I am at Creative City for one day a week as part of my internship with the nearby St Hilda's East Community Centre. My role there will be primarily focussed on social media, marketing, and fundraising. The Women's Project at St Hilda's has taken part in Creative City's BROWSEast. The link with Creative City provides me with support on the more technical sides; meanwhile, I'll support CC's marketing -- so keep your eye on our Facebook pages for Creative City and Video Specs and our Twitter. We're about to get a whole lot louder.

Today is my first day at in the gorgeous Creative City office. I spent most of the morning reading about the company & its projects, watching videos, as well as adding a few updates to Twitter and Facebook. Karen then suggested I try wearing the Video Specs and she'd make a video of it. Here it is!
What are Video Specs?
Video Specs are glasses which record video and audio discreetly. They look just like normal glasses!

Wearing Specs (on top of my glasses)
Comfort & Wearability
I wear glasses, and wore the Video Specs on top. I have next to no nose bridge and my normal glasses slide down all the time, so I had to support or readjust them from time to time. If I wasn't already wearing my own glasses, the Video Specs would be quite comfortable.
Self-Consciousness & Self-Awareness
I definitely felt a bit self-conscious wearing the Video Specs on top of my glasses as I looked a bit silly! If I were to wear contacts and the Vision Specs, I think I'd feel much less conspicuous (especially since I'm used to wearing glasses). To cover the fact that I was talking away to myself, I pretended to be on the phone...
Wearing the glasses gave me a bit of a thrill, particularly knowing everything I was looking at was being recorded - and that no one knew! In that sense, maybe it's best to think of them like reverse sunglasses: when you wear sunglasses, people can't see what you're looking at.
The experience also made me much more aware of what I was looking at, which was interesting in itself -- like wandering around a city you know with a camera and noticing new things.

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