Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Six Summer Saturdays rocked Birmingham!

This summer marked the second edition of Six Summer Saturdays, Birmingham Hippodrome's fantastic outdoor performing arts festival.

Browse Video Specs took part in the festival by having the Hippodrome Bloggers documenting the events with a pair of Video Specs. Browse Video Specs attended Snow in the City on 6th August, asking members of the public to wear our Video Specs while having fun in the snow, and commenting on their experience.

Sarah Allen, Creative Programme Manager said :
"BROWSE is appealing to Six Summer Saturdays as a new innovative way to empower audiences, putting them right at the heart of the performance and enabling us to gain valuable feedback, commentary and content for our social media channels.

Watch the event video

There are plenty more on Creative City's Youtube channel

For more information on SpecAudience and Browse Video Specs, download the pdf here

Of course, it is all on our new website www.creative-city.co.uk

The next two Browse events are going to be announced soon... It looks like we'll be doing an Urban Planning workshop and feedback for a photographic exhibition at Amnesty International. Fingers' crossed and more news soon!

Friday, 5 August 2011

SpecAudience launches at Arnold Circus 'Swap & Share Picnic'

A team of Creative City goers took the Arnold Circus 'Swap & Share Picnic' over with Video Specs!

We asked Picnic participants and visitors to wear the Specs and comment on their involvement, the event itself and its the importance in community building and cohesion.

It was a wonderful day and a great way for us to get to work with Video Specs on a large scale. As a result, we're launching a programme called AudienceSpec, which helps organisations gather video content for evaluation and invaluable audience feedback, while helping the audience have fun.
More on the new Creative-City website!!!