Monday, 21 March 2011


These two short videos are templates for Browse; a project involving eye-wear that discretely records what you see, say and hear.

We will be asking 100 community workers, residents and local people of Shoreditch to walk around their environment wearing the glasses; narrating their likes and dislikes of their area. We are interested in what makes this area special, and what the threats are.

The You-vision glasses opened up a huge opportunity for Creative City Ltd to capture observations of local people on their community and surroundings.

We hope this will present an insight into the attitude and perceptions of people who spend or have spent substantial amount of time here, and how new developments could affect what, in their eyes, makes this area what it is.

There is no skill in using these glasses, no middle man, no getting shy in front of the camera. We hope for these reasons, it will attract people whose opinion would not otherwise be heard.

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  1. Seems like an interesting project... how do you register if you're a resident?